Clients come to us for work that helps make their businesses more successful, and for top-flight creativity, strategy and craft that helps their organisations exceed their goals.


Running a small or medium sized business comes with lots of boxes to be ticked. From sales, managing process, banking, accounts, staff and lots more. One of the most important is keeping your company visible but it’s often the one box that is not regularly ticked enough. Stay visible on social media, keep your customers and audience informed and engaged. Let us tick the social media box for you . Your time is valuable so make the most of it.

InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop design

  • Graphic Design
  • Page layout, brochure, leaflet, flyer design, Banners, Flyers, Invitations, Menus, and Posters
  • Email signatures
  • Branding and logo design Business cards and letterheads
  • Corporate profiles; Brochures Folders Catalogues
  • Print ads Signage Powerpoint and Prezi presentations
  • Photography Illustration – traditional and digital
Working collaboratively with our clients we develop long-term creative partnerships, investing in building the relationship to achieve meaningful, sustainable results together whilst providing our trainees and our clients with social value.

Motion Graphics / 2D Animation

  • 2D vector-based animation, title and logo sequences, unique animated story logos.
  • Explainer/promo videos, for online marketing and exhibitions responsive formats for mobile phone viewing.
  • Animated gifs, short form animations, animated still imagery.
  • Branded conference openers for displaying on screen projectors and plasma screens.
  • Video pre-production and production.
  • Social media edits for multiple platform delivery, incorporating square and vertical formats for mobile phone viewing.

Video & Photography

  • Long form corporate videos including, scripting, narrative and storytelling development.
  • Video post-production & VFX
  • Editing all video formats for online and broadcast platform delivery.
  • Colour grading, sub titling, audio recording and overdubbing. Video encoding for online, broadcast and plasma screen delivery.
  • Studio and location photography and post-production for online and print (editorial and commercial).
  • Retouching, colour conversions and grading.
Words Words Words; clear, concise powerful words. Sit-up-and-listen-right-now words. Words that make you stop and think and act. Words that build brands, break down barriers and make memories. That change minds, give life to ideas, and sell a story, a journey a brand. The question is, which words? Our words work!

Content and Copywriting

  • Blogs, content, explainer scripts, strap lines, web content, corporate
  • magazines and brochures
  • Social media content


Autism is the least understood and faces amongst the worst discrimination and marginalisation of almost any disability. It is regarded as an invisible disability.

Society at large just doesn’t understand why people who look normal act so differently, without that empathy and understanding there is judgement, exclusion, and legislative inaction.

The one million footsteps initiative is our solution.We believe that walking in another persons shoes provides comprehension and understanding and that can lead to empathy.

We are designing a Virtual Reality experience to simulate some common spectrum symptoms. Within the five minute experience users will navigate various simple tasks with and without having their cognitive, and visual responses manipulated to reflect these symptoms. We intend to take this experience into schools, colleges, executives in the private sector and to the public at large.

With a target of one million user experiences over the next ten years in the United Kingdom alone.

Stay tuned……