e-learning designed for people with disabilities, ex-offenders & the economically marginalised; targeting economic enfranchisement by overcoming employer objections or micro-enterprisation.

e-candyclic vision

Training – what if we could teach a new skill in an afternoon? What if that skill could be used to set up a small business within a week? What if we could advertise that newly skilled person to prospective employers? What if we could also train employers on how to make accommodations and open up their workforce to be completely inclusive?

Employment – what if we could create a space where they could advertise their skills and receive employment, that they would be treated ethically and fairly, paid a living wage? Or help them find work on an hourly or weekly basis? What if we could help them start a business

Predictable Income – what if we could create an ethical route for predictable income that follows the right employment terms, guarantees a minimum commitment and ensures that people get paid the right amount on time.

Each of these on its own helps – but what if these could be combined in a single offering to disadvantaged with all the support that provides a safe, predictable and sustainable process?

  • To create a complete end to end process that supports disadvantaged or disabled people through training, marketing themselves and gaining employment or entrepreneurial revenues.
  • To create a sustainable a safe environment that gives them meaningful work and makes their own lives more meaningful.
  • To create a marketplace for employers that allow them to engage with a wider talent resource including disadvantaged and disabled people and to ensure that they and their new employees and contractors and trained and prepared for fruitful and productive working relationship.
  • To build a new world of work that allows all people to retrain and gain economic activity in a safe, supported and ethical manner and through this create
  • To give parents and families of disabled, autistic and disadvantaged children hope for their future that they can find work, employment and economic that benefits them most and gives them the maximum independence.


Autism is the least understood and faces amongst the worst discrimination and marginalisation of almost any disability. It is regarded as an invisible disability.

Society at large just doesn’t understand why people who look normal act so differently, without that empathy and understanding there is judgement, exclusion, and legislative inaction.

The one million footsteps initiative is our solution.We believe that walking in another persons shoes provides comprehension and understanding and that can lead to empathy.

We are designing a Virtual Reality experience to simulate some common spectrum symptoms. Within the five minute experience users will navigate various simple tasks with and without having their cognitive, and visual responses manipulated to reflect these symptoms. We intend to take this experience into schools, colleges, executives in the private sector and to the public at large.

With a target of one million user experiences over the next ten years in the United Kingdom alone.

Stay tuned……